ATOM+ revolution

Things have been the same for a long time in the protein supplement world. You get one flavor per jar, look for the best way to carry the protein to the gym, mix the powder in a shaker, drink it, then put the dirty shaker back to your sport bag, get back home and wash what is left, Day after day…Not anymore. In sports, every minute counts. There is no time to waste between shakers and powder jars. ATOM+ will help maximize your performance with two simple assets: An innovative formula and spare time to train. Whether you train indoors or outdoors, we want you to stay focused on your goals and leave us the rest. It's not enough for us to present you with a groundbreaking product, we want it to be as convenient and simple as possible. Take back control with ATOM+.

Gym edition

You get one jar with single powder shaking bags, so you can pack as many individual doses as you wish. Each jar comes with up to three different flavors which you chose. Today is chocolate fudge, maybe tomorrow is strawberry ice cream.

How to use it? - Choose a flavor. Remove the cap from the powder shaking bag. Fill it with 7-9OZ of ice cold water. Give it a good shake. Enjoy the drink and… simply throw out the bag, as easy and simple as that.

Home edition

You will find Measured portions in each jar. Up to Three different flavors just like the Gym Edition. Then follow the recipe for success: mix it until you make it.

How to use it? - Grab your favorite flavor. Pour the powder into a glass or shaker. Add 7-9 Oz of ice cold water. Stir for 20 seconds. Drink and enjoy the revolution.

We in ATOM+ belive in 3 things:

  • CUTTING EDGE PREFORMANCE – Next generation formulas, Newest technology, Highest quality ingredients.
  • REAL CHOICE – Customized protein with up to 3 flavors.
  • CONVENIENCE AND SIMPLICITY – Portable shaking bag & Measured portions.