HPD Protein


Net Weight 4.52lb / 2.05kg, Servings 64, Serving size 32g

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Net Weight 4.52lb / 2.05kg, Servings 64, Serving size 32g


HPD 100% WHEY PROTEIN is ATOM+’s brand new product. 

provides 24g of premium quality protein per serving. 
It's made of 100% high quality concentrated whey protein, which is biological and enhances speed and absorption. Keep in mind that each product is naturally enriched with BCAA and GLUTAMINE. 

The use of filtered protein powder provides EXTRA FILTRATION. Since a single protein has been filtered more often, the product will fully dissolve and taste better.

ATOM+ HPD Whey protein supports quick recovery in between intensive workouts and helps leaner muscles to develop. Power, strength, muscle endurance are improved and can result in sharper athletic performance. Maximum results are within sight, even for high-intensity athletes who wish to take their bodies to the next level.

Anyone into sports and an active lifestyle is eligible – from casual Pilates practitioners to gym addicts taking protein every day, to professional athletes and nutritionists who track daily protein intakes for their patients.

ATOM+ adheres to the highest quality standards and is produced in sterile conditions under the supervision of the Ministry of Health according to ISO, HACCP and GMP standards. Even our flavour is tested by external experts. The verdict? Atom+ tastes amazing.

Learn more about the global protein revolution of ATOM+.


·         Formula filled with high-quality protein sources

·         Extra filtration process helps it dissolve better than any other protein

·         Amazing flavor, as proved in tasting inquiries

·         Measured single servings in each jar

·         Easy to use, anywhere and anytime


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